Better Bennington Corporation
 Board Meeting Minutes
February 11, 2016
Bennington Fire Station

The mission of the Better Bennington Corporation
 is to build, improve, and support a vital downtown that benefits our entire community

Present: President Jeannie Jenkins, Michael McDonough, Eric Peterson, Edie Sawitsky, Michael Keane, Shelley Colvin, Heather Maneely, Ted Bird, Michael Harrington*, Matt Harrington*, Keith Carey, Tracey Schwarz. Staff: John Shannahan and Diane Perry. *Ex-officio
Absent: Milt Surdam, Beth Wilwol.

Call to Order
            A quorum was confirmed by Jeannie Jenkins who then convened the meeting at 7:35AM.

            The January 2016 board minutes were reviewed. Action/Resolution- a motion to approve was made by Michael Keane, and seconded by Ted Bird. Motion carried unanimously.

            Financial Report
            Treasurer Shelley Colvin reported on the financials which were reviewed at the Organizational level. Insurance contracts will
            be researched in order to get better rates.  Action/Resolution- a motion to approve was made by Edie Sawitsky, seconded by
            Michael Keane. Motion carried unanimously.

Director’s Report
           Discussion regarding report:

  • St Patrick’s Day Parade – is now in planning stages. The route of the parade will be changed this year. Action/Resolution – publicize the new route once approved.

Old Business

  • Park @ 336 Funding Strategy -   the Design committee had made a presentation to the Select Board outlining where we are in the process of the park renovations. The Design committee identified partners, the professionals involved, and outlined the projected cost. The next steps are fund raising efforts. The committee said the BBC would be the lead agency to drive the fundraising. The Select Board commitment to giving Town resources and in kind donations. The fundraising will allow for opportunity to broaden the efforts to the community by inviting them to be a part of this process in hopes to bring about connections and to let others learn about BBC. Although the work is done by professionals, there may be volunteer opportunities. Action/Resolution – the Design committee will begin fundraising efforts. Have a presence at the St Patrick’s Parade and hang signage.


              Jeannie Jenkins called for the adjournment of the meeting at 8:08am.  Action/Resolution - a motion was made to adjourn by
              Edie Sawitsky, seconded by Ted Bird. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Eric Peterson, Secretary
Better Bennington Corporation

Bennington Downtown Alliance
215 South Street
Beautiful Bennington, Vermont 05201

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