Better Bennington Corporation
 Board Meeting Minutes
January 14, 2016
Bennington Fire Station

The mission of the Better Bennington Corporation
 is to build, improve, and support a vital downtown that benefits our entire community

Present: Board: President Jeannie Jenkins, Eric Peterson, Edie Sawitsky, Michael Keane, Ted Bird, Michael Harrington*, Matt Harrington*, Keith Carey, Tracey Schwarz, Staff: John Shannahan and Diane Perry, Guest: Rocco Farano         *Ex-officio

Absent: Michael McDonough, Milt Surdam, Beth Wilwol, Shelley Colvin, Heather Maneely.

Call to Order
            A quorum was confirmed by Jeannie Jenkins who then convened the meeting at 7:41AM.

            The December 2015 board minutes were reviewed. Action/Resolution- a motion to approve was made by Edie Sawitsky, and 
            seconded by Ted Bird.  The motion to accept was carried.

The Board welcomed Matt Harrington to the BBC Board as an ex-officio member representing the Chamber of Commerce.

             The Director introduced Rocco Farano, an intern at the Lightning Jar and a senior at Bennington College.  He would like to 
             create connections in the community in order to improve the direction and growth of this cooperative space. The primary goals
             during his internship at the Lightning Jar are membership building, the membership involvement within the community,
             marketing, and outreach.  Action/Resolution - Members may meet with Rocco for further creative brainstorming,


Financial Report
             Director John Shannahan reported on the financials which were reviewed at the Organizational level. Action/Resolution- a 
             motion to approve was made by Edie Sawitsky, seconded by Eric Peterson. Motion carried unanimously.

Director’s Report 
Discussions regarding report:

  • National Main Street Program – they are implementing changes that will affect the way we create our work plans. In the future, National Main Street committees will collectively agree on 4-5 goals before creating their work plans which will all include steps to reach the agreed upon goals.  Action/Resolution- In anticipation of the changes, the BBC Board will agree on 2-3 goals before creating work plans starting in 2016.
  • Annual Review – the Director wrote the BBC’s annual report which was given to the town’s Economic Director for inclusion in the Town’s annual report. Action/Resolution- publish the year-in-review in more places than the Town’s annual report, such as on the BBC website.

Committee Reports
            Work plans –discussion included the BBC logo being used in more places and the best locations for marketing. 
Currently changing and updating the website.   Action/Resolution- continue work plans which include a marketing brochure, 
  completion of website, and logo.


  • The staff is currently sending out membership brochures and updating the membership information within the website. Action/Resolution- continued membership drive. Design a membership packet specifically for new members or new businesses. Define the Corporate level benefits.

Old Business

  • Park @ 336- the final blueprints are completed. Currently waiting for the final funding totals. Action/Resolution- will decide the role of BBC at the retreat. During the presentation to the select board, make clear that BBC is just facilitating not funding the park. The Chair of the Design committee will speak on behalf of this project.

New Business

  •  BBC Board Retreat –planning for February 11th for annual retreat, which is the date of our next board meeting.  Action/Resolution –confirm Fire Station as location for retreat.


              Jeannie Jenkins called for the adjournment of the meeting at 8:59am.  Action/Resolution - a motion was made to adjourn by                   Edie Sawitsky, seconded by Tracey Schwarz. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Eric Peterson, Secretary
Better Bennington Corporation

Bennington Downtown Alliance
215 South Street
Beautiful Bennington, Vermont 05201

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