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Vendor Application


Vendor Application due date: 10/2/17



Business Name: _______________________________________ 


Contact Name:________________________________________


Street Address:  _______________________________________


City, State, Zip:________________________________________


Phone:   (_____)_______________________________________






Describe your product or activity, including price range.









Select One -  


 Product Vendor____          Food / Bev. Vendor____                Non-Profit _____

(including packaged foods)       (consumed during show)       (MUST have a children's activity)


I have read the Fallapalooza! 2017 contract on the following pages and agree to the terms and requirements.  If accepted, I give permission to use photos & work descriptions for publicity purposes.



  __________________________________________                          ________________

                                   Signature                                                            Date



Fallapalooza! Contract 

All Participants:

1. I agree to comply with all local and state regulations for fire, safety, and health.

2. I will provide BBC with a copy of VT Tax ID available at:

3. I will abide by set-up and take-down rules as stipulated by BBC and remain set-up for the duration

    of the event (11am-3pm).

4. I agree to provide my own weighted tent & displays.

5. I agree not to hold the BBC, its officers or employees responsible or liable for any accident, injury,

    damage, theft or destruction occurring in relation to Fallapalooza!. Insurance for such loss,    

    damage, or injury will be my sole responsibility.

6. I understand and agree that BBC has the right to remove, without refund or recourse, any exhibitor
 misrepresents him/herself or his/her product.

7. Any participant not in place one hour before Fallapalooza! opens will forfeit their right to exhibit
refund or recourse.

8. If my check is returned due to insufficient funds, I agree to replace it with a money order or teller’s

    check with a $35 service fee or forfeit my spot at Fallapalooza!.  I understand that BBC has the
    right to amend 
or add to the rules pertaining to and governing Fallapalooza! at any time. 

    Additions or amendments will be circulated to participants in writing.  Interpretation of

   Fallapalooza! rules by BBC are final.
9. Refunds will not be given if sales do not meet your expectations.  Similarly, additional charges
     will not 
apply if sales exceed expectations.


Product Vendor and Food / Bev. Vendor Participants:

1. All products displayed and sold at my Fallapalooza! booth have been listed in the description


 Food Court Participants:

1. I agree to provide garbage containers and to remove all trash at the close of Fallapalooza!.

2. I agree to provide for any electrical needs by use of a VERY QUITE generator.  Any vendor with
or fume creating generators will be removed from show. - IF YOU CAN'T HAVE A


3. I agree to acquire all applicable licenses and adhere to all local health code requirements.


Important Information


  • All spaces are outdoors. Show is rain or shine!
  • The BBC Events Committee, Staff, and/or Directors will approve all applications.
  • No refunds after October 2, 2017.  All Not-for-profit vendors must provide the BBC with a copy of their 501(c)(3) determination.


Fallapalooza! 2017 Rates & Vendor Categories 


  •    Artisan/Crafter                      Before Due Date           After Due Date - Oct 2nd
      10'x10'space                                               $75                        $100 (includes late fee)
    10'x20'space                                               $100                      $150 (includes late fee)
    *This rate does not apply to "eat-at-show" food vendors or not-for-profits        



  •   VIP Artisan/Crafter*                Before Due Date           After Due Date - Oct 2nd
      10'x10' space                                               $50                       $100 (includes late fee)
    10'x20' space                                               $75                        $150 (includes late fee) 

    VIP Artisan/Crafter Discount
           Available only to For-Profit Artisan/Crafters who participated in Mayfest 2017 or Fallapalooza 2016.
     Application and payment MUST be received by deadline of Oct 2, 2017   


  •   Food/Beverage Vendor*          Before Due Date            After Due Date - Oct 2nd 

           10'x15'space                                                $100                     $150 (includes late fee)          
           10'x30'space                                                $150                     $175 (includes late fee)
*This rate is for vendor food that is consumed at the show, not jellies, sauces, etc... 



  •   501(c)(3) Booth*                Before Due Date           After Due Date - Oct 2nd
     10'x10'space                                                 $50                      $100 (includes late fee)    
                        *501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit booth requirements       
  • 501(c)(3) MUST host an activity at the booth (you may charge a fee for activity).
  • Informational material and swag may be distributed.
  • You must provide a copy of your 501(c)(3) determination with application.            



Booth Fee Chart 






Artisan/Crafter (1 space)



Artisan/Crafter (2 spaces)



VIP Artisan/Crafter (1 space) 



VIP Artisan/Crafter (2 spaces)



Food/Beverage (1 space)



Food/Beverage (2 spaces)



501(c)(3)   (1 space) 



501(c)(3)   (2 spaces)




How to Apply


  1. Complete and sign the upper portion of the application. 
  1. Make check payable to BBC.

     3.   Send signature page of application, booth fee, and required permits and forms in one envelope.

                                                                            Mail to:

                                               Better Bennington Corporation

215 South Street

Bennington, Vermont 05201



Contact Info

 Phone:      802-442-5758

   Contacts:   Diane Perry, Administrative Coordinator

                                                                     John Shannahan, Executive Director



Fallapalooza! is a production of the Better Bennington Corporation
whose mission is to build, improve, and support
a vital downtown that benefits our entire community.

Bennington Downtown Alliance
215 South Street
Beautiful Bennington, Vermont 05201

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